If your unit/department/division/school has pages on any domain hosted on USC's Web server, you are required to familiarize yourself with all content and management guidelines. The USC server hosts a number of subdomains and the main site providing information about the University to our community AND and the general public. All sites are designed to provide information to USC students, faculty, and staff while providing a gateway for potential students and their family.

Content ownership

All information on every USC site is owned by an office, school, department or approved organization and are responsible for the accuracy of their information on any public facing site. USC Web Team is responsible for technical administration of the USC server and works with IMC to ensure information is relevant and meaningful to its audience.

Web style guide

Any web page that represents the University of the Southern Caribbean or any official entity is expected to follow this web style guide.Most information is provided in the site update guide which exists to facilitate consistency and usability and to promote standardized University content realization across all sites. A department, school, program, or administrative entity may allow the development of additional web standards requirements, as long as they do not conflict with the developed standards.

Online forms

Online forms are now available to departments internally. Distribution point may be internal or external but all form entries can be managed by the department of concern. To have your form processed and the results emailed to you please contact IMC.