The following forms are currently available from departments and offices:

Anchor text
The text a link uses to refer to your site.

The management console of a website. This is the part hidden from view of regular website visitors where you log in to manage a site.

A breadcrumb is a simple navigation guide that allows a user to go back when traversing nested pages. We do not provide breadcrumbs but achieve link back using a creative menu structure.

Content Management System
Also known as a CMS, the Content Management System is a backend tool for managing a site’s content that separates said content from the design and functionality of the site. It also (usually) makes it easier for content to be added to the site for people who aren’t designers.

The domain is the name by which a website is identified. The domain is associated with an IP address. Our domains are and

A hyperlink is a link from one web page to another, either on the same site or another one. Assets can found anywhere, but hyperlinking ensures they are available when needed.

Inline style
Elements with CSS written directly around the element it affects, instead of in a separate style sheet or header style. We do not allow inline element styling.

Landing page
A landing page is simply the page(s) where a visitor first enters a website. We have six(6) landing pages on the USC site.

Metadata is the data contained in the header that offers information about a web page. Think of it this way: it is 'data about data' and is usually placed in the head section. Some of our meta is self-generated, while some require input from editors and administrators.

Navigation refers to the system that allows visitors to a website to move around that site. USC site has a simple nested menu system. Pages are organized in a hierarchy up to no more than four(4) levels.

The subdomain is the name by which a service website is identified in USC. For example, the subdomain provides a presence for offices and centres at the university. Subdomains do use the prefix www.

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