Writing for the web

Modern web users expect information to be succinct and be presented in a conversational tone. Web writing is not the same as posters and banners. Editing and voice are essential for optimal content delivery.

Key concepts

  • Omit non-essential words. Today's web users don't read, they scan.
  • Keep the most important information at the top of the page. This means it is visible with minimal scrolling even on a small device.
  • Present information according to users' needs, not by how your office/department or entity functions.
  • The new USC website re-organization uses sentence case across all domain on the main server. This will be rigidly enforced. Uppercasing every pronoun, whether in a section header or page title is not considered conversational, particularly on smaller devices. Indeed many younger users find it condescending and arrogant.
  • Provide links to related and additional detail. If you need help do contact Web Team.
  • Write to engage your visitors, while keeping it short. KISS is the rule. Keep it Short and Simple.
  • Use a passive and conversational voice. While we are a christian entity, avoid 'religious speak'. Communicating Christian messages does not mean including Religious jargon.

Style consistency

The only web constant is change. At this moment, given our current design and fonts, all the information stated here is required.

Copyright issues

Follow all applicable copyright laws.