Quality assurance is our way of process and product improvement so that our students, faculty and alumni realize a memorable experience within the university community.


The Department of Quality Assurance seeks to foster a culture of quality and continuous improvement, within all sectors of the University of the Southern Caribbean.


To be an agent of transformation and institutional advancement that propels USC beyond excellence.

Core Values

  • Confidentiality – The department ensures that all information is treated with discretion and will only be used for its intended purpose.
  • Quality – The highest levels of excellence will be maintained in conducting the functions of the department.
  • Adherence to Standards – The department will meet and exceed the recognized best practices and benchmarks established for tertiary education.
  • Teamwork – The department will create synergy and consensus by harnessing the knowledge, skills and ability of all team members.
  • Integrity – The department will be characterized by the highest principles of consistency, honesty, equity and respect.


“Moving quality forward from concept to reality”