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About our Human Resources department

We provide a range of services to current and prospective faculty and staff related to their employment at the University of the Southern Caribbean.

The following sixteen key services are offered by the HR Division of USC:

  • Human Resource Planning- Collaborates with Division/Department Heads to determine the human resource needs based on the strategic plan and services/programs to be offered. Determine retiree projections and implications for continuity of service.
  • Talent Management- Provides an approach to identifying, developing, engaging and deploying employees of particular value to the organization.
  • Recruitment and selection- Recruits and selects individuals with the core competencies for the job and commitment to the SDA Philosophy to fill vacant positions.
  • Succession Planning- identifies and developing employees with the potential to fill key positions within the organization.
  • Employee Relations- Provides direction and oversight for a number of staff employment matters including orientation of new employees, leave management, separation from the organization (terminations, retirements, resignations), processing of work permits, provision of job letters, performance management, promotions and reassignments, reward and recognition and employee morale. Strengthening the employee-supervisor relationship.
  • Industrial Relations- Investigates and addresses all matters relating to discipline and employment law within the organization. Investigates and addresses all grievance matters. Administers all contracts of employment and all contracts for services. Processes all final settlements.
  • Compensation and Benefits- Determines and administers compensation and benefits in accordance with established organizational policies, voted actions and the employment laws of Trinidad and Tobago. This includes education assistance for spouses and children of employees. Provides classification for positions within the organization in accordance with policy.
  • Payroll- Manages the process to facilitate accurate and timely processing of salary and wages and the meeting of governmental regulations in terms of submission of statutory deductions.
  • Insurance- Provides and manages Medical/Disability Insurance for employees and retirees. Manages the process of vehicle insurance for all authorized university vehicles (this includes vehicle insurance for employees who are in receipt of auto depreciation allowance).
  • Training and Development- Plans and delivers programs and procedures for the improvement of employee performance in terms of attitude, skill, knowledge and behaviour. Facilitates human capital development through the USC SPICE and other Internship programs
  • Compliance- works with and provides consultation to the various stakeholders within the University to facilitate and ensure compliance with University policies and regulations and employment laws in the various territories where USC offers service
  • Personnel data and Records Maintenance- Establishes and maintains a records management system for employee’s personal data and service records as well as Minutes of the Administrative Council.
  • Policy Review, Development and interpretation- Collaborates with other stakeholders in the review and development of relevant policies to guide the employment relationship. Provides technical interpretation of policies for employees.
  • Employee Assistance Program- manages the employee assistance program and makes referrals where necessary.
  • Legal services- Works in collaboration with the University’s legal team and Senior Counsel at Adventist Risk Management to address all legal matters including those affecting the employment relationship. Attends Court hearings along with the legal team as the University’s representative. Meets and negotiates with Trade Unions and represent the University at Conciliation and other sessions at the Ministry of Labour. Prepares release and settlement documents as well as non-disclosure agreements. Prepares contracts for employment, contracts for services.
  • Consultation- Provides HR consultation to all Division Heads and Directors/Coordinators at the Satellite Sites and other stakeholders of the University.

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