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Website guidelines

Website guidelines

These are extremely selective as most offices are served either within the, or subdomains the Web Managment team has provided.

If however it is deemed absolutely necessary, the following are enforced:

  • Subdomains are limited to one per business
  • It must reasonably reflect the name of the unit/organization/site.
  • Web property must be in compliance with all unversity site guides.
  • Subdomains will only use USCs approved CMS. Scripts are written to provide updates.

'USC sites' not as a subdomian

Any 'USC site' purporting to speak to the the University of the Southern Caribbean's community not being served on the main domains ( USC.EDU.TT or UOSC.EDU ) and an associated subdomain are not covered by any web policy, nor are considered official. We no longer keep retired or unused subdomains.

On the USC server we understand the need for URL re-routing. We can accommodate for this as requested, but ease of management, this strict guidelines will be adhered to.

Questions and querries

For all questions and queries please contact